ZKSpace Layer-2 For All

All-Featured Layer-2 Protocol Using ZK-Rollups

Layer-2 transactions are completed instantly without waiting for block confirmations. Meanwhile, Gas fees are reduced by tens of times.

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Why ZKSpace?

Low gas fee

We adopt the ZK-Rollups technology based on zero-knowledge proofs, which can aggregate and package transactions on Layer-2 and then upload them to the chain, which greatly saves the gas fee required for a single transaction.

Extremely fast transactions

Layer-2 transactions can be confirmed immediately, without waiting for the block to be produced, users can experience the extremely fast confirmation experience in seconds.


The users' assets are completely stored in their own wallets, and no one else can embezzle those assets. Also, we have the same security as the ETH main network.

Unlimited scalability

The theoretical TPS can reach 10000+, preparing for the real web3 world.

Safe, Stable, Reliable

ZKSpaceBased on ZK-Rollups, the TPS can be increased by multiple orders of magnitude. While users enjoy a smooth transaction experience, their assets are autonomously controllable and safe. Users can access API & SDK to achieve fast programmatic transactions to build a Layer -2 ecosystem together.

ZKSpace Smart Contract

ZKSpace will deploy a series of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to store the tokens deposited by users while recording and verifying Layer-2 status updates and related proof.Those smart contracts are the key hub connecting on-chain and off-chain.

Plonk Zero-knowledge Proof System

ZKSpace’s zero-knowledge proof system adopts a distributed architecture and uses the latest zero-knowledge proof algorithm PLONK to generate proofs. PLONK’s global trust setup only needs to be generated once, and the circuit can be greatly reused within a certain range, reducing the stacks for using zero-knowledge proofs.

ZKSpace Layer-2 Server

The ZKSpace server can use the WebSocket to interact with the user, and monitor transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. All valid transaction requests will be put into the ZKSpace mem pool and processed by the Engine.


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1. Establish a decentralized, efficient, and safe ZKP mining system using the decentralized account system of ZKSync Era. Release product white paper and technical solutions. 2. Launch the first version of the decentralized computing power marketplace, supporting miners to provide computing power to obtain higher ZKP mining revenue. 3. Enable secondary market trading of computing power equity tokens. Gradually establish a sound ZKP computing power marketplace. 4. Release ZKSwap V2 (ZKSync version), adopting a more innovative Defi mathematical model and a more secure design to reduce transaction slippage and improve the utilization of user funds.


1. Deploy ZKSwap to ZKSync Era and expand to the ZKSync ecosystem. 2. Upgrade ZKS to a dual-ecosystem governance token of ZKSpace and ZKSync, redesign the ZKS token economic model and release the ZKS economic white paper V2. 3. Implement token cross-chain and migrate part of team-held ZKS to ZKSync Era. Establish liquidity of ZKS/USDC, ZKS/ETH.


1. Add more features to the layer 2-based DEX, including but not limited to: (1) Provide solutions to aggregate liquidity and improve capital utilization. (2) Provide solutions for stablecoin exchange with low slippage. (3) Provide solutions that automatically seek the optimal exchange scheme. (4) Explore contracts and options. 2. Launch an upgraded version of ZK-Rollup that is fully compatible with EVM to help blockchain app developers jointly build the layer 2 ecosystem.


1. Optimize ZKSea, bringing in more NFT-related functions to meet the needs of users with different backgrounds, including batch minting, NFT verification, mystery box auction, bidding, etc. 2. Implement cross-chain deployment based on the public chain ecological development, such as BSC, SOLANA, etc., and connect the second layer of each public chain to provide users with faster yet cheaper cross-chain services.


1. Introduce ZKSea, a ZK-Rollups-based layer2 NFT product that allows users to mint, transfer, trade, deposit, and withdraw NFTs at a much lower cost than that of OpenSea. 2. Open the layer 2 NFT protocol to all NFT projects, supporting cheaper NFT issuance, minting, airdrops, or sales.

ZKSpace Layer-2 For ALL
All-Featured Layer-2 Protocol Using ZK-Rollups.

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