ZKSwap Will Officially Launch the ZKSwap Testnet Incentive Campaign on 27th, 2020, 14:30 pm (GMT+8)

Dear ZKSwap Community:

We will officially launch the ZKSwap testnet incentive campaign on 27th, 2020, 14:30 pm(GMT+8). This campaign is to test the network and attract community participation. We invite the whole defi community to use ZKSwap and win up to 1 million ZKSwap governance tokens (ZKS) as the reward.

Incentive Program 1: Use ZKSwap within a limited time frame and split 800,000 ZKS Tokens!

Reward: 80 ZKS/User

Winners: first-come, first-served

How to participate

  1. Go to https://zks.app;

  2. Connect MetaMask wallet to ZKSwap (Ethereum Ropsten test network);

  3. Get testnet coins from faucet;

  4. Complete the following steps on the ZKSwap:

    1. Deposit, send, and withdraw;
    2. Swap tokens;
    3. Add liquidity, remove liquidity.

For a step by step user guide, please refer to:《User Guide to ZKSwap Ethereum Ropsten Test Network Version》


Each user who completes the required six steps of depositing, sending, withdrawing, swapping, adding liquidity, and removing liquidity on ZKSwap between November 27th, 2020, 14:30 pm (GMT+8) to December 3rd, 2020, 14:30 pm (GMT+8), will have the opportunity to get up to 80 ZKS as a reward. ZKSwap will issue the reward on the first-come, first-served principle till the 800,000 is completely distributed. After ZKSwap goes live on the Ethereum mainnet, the ZKSwap team will distribute the rewards to eligible participants’ reserved MetaMask addresses (Ethereum address).

Incentive Program 2: Bug Bounty

Reward: 1,000 ZKS / Bug

How to participate: when the user is completing the above mentioned six steps, if the user encounters an operation failure caused by the APP, the user can report it via Bug Report . Once the bug is adopted by the ZKSwap team, the ZKSwap team will send 1,000 ZKS as a reward to the user’s reserved Ethereum wallet address.


  • When multiple users submit the same bug, only the user who submits the bug first will be rewarded for reporting the bug;
  • The same user can submit multiple bugs, and the reward is calculated based on the number of bugs adopted;
  • Users can see if the bug reported has been adopted by checking the ZKSwap Github repo.

Incentive Program 3: Trading Volume Ranking Competition


Trading Volume RankingReward
Top 1 - 10Split a prize pool of 50,000 ZKS
Top 11 - 50Split a prize pool of 50,000 ZKS
RequirementEach account shall have a minimum trading volume of over 2,000 USDT and 2,000 WBTC. Each account shall complete the swapping of at least three trading pairs during the program time frame.


Among participants who complete the six steps required in the Incentive Program 1 between November 27th, 2020, 14:30 pm (GMT+8) to December 3rd, 2020, 14:30 pm (GMT+8) Beijing time, the top 50 of them in trading volume will split 100,000 ZKS based on the rules mentioned above. Rewards will be sent to the Ethereum address reserved by the user.


  • All rewards will be distributed to the user's reserved Ethereum MetaMask account addresses within one week after the incentive programs end;
  • Each IP corresponds to only one MetaMask account address. If multiple addresses exist for one IP, only the account that has received the most rewards will be rewarded;
  • The final interpretation right of this incentive program belongs to the ZKSwap team.

By ZKSwap Team
November 27, 2020